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Friday, 6 March 2020

Fortnite How to Block With a Lightsaber – Reflect & Deflect Damage!

We're taking a look at how to block with a lightsaber in Fortnite's new Star Wars event! To take full advantage of this mythic weapon, you will want to be blocking your enemy's incoming fire! The lightsaber is capable of not only blocking the damage, it can also reflect it back at your opponent.
Blocking with the lightsaber is pretty important because you'll need to do it for one of the Star Wars Challenges that has you getting some free cosmetics! It's also really useful if you want to be slashing at your opponent and attempting to avoid getting shot repeatedly.

How to Block With a Lightsaber in Fortnite

It is really simple actually, you just need to hold down your AIM button (called TARGET in the key-binds section of the settings). This is the button you have bound that zooms in your aim and scopes your sniper rifle! It's usually the left trigger on a controller and the right click on the mouse. If you hold it down, you will remain blocking. If you are facing an enemy that is firing their gun at you, you will automatically block the fire as long as you are holding down the block button!
One thing to keep in mind is that you CAN'T block explosive damage or a rocket coming at you. This is one of the better ways to deal damage to someone who is just holding out their lightsaber and blocking all your shots.
If you're facing someone who is blocking everything, continue to fire at them and they will eventually have their block broken. This isn't the easiest thing to do, but if you have an assault rifle or one of those fancy First Order Blaster Rifles then you can repeatedly shoot at them to break their block! Once that happens, they can take damage as normal.

More Fancy Lightsaber Tricks

You can also do a combat roll when you have the lightsaber out. This requires you to hold block and then hit the jump key. You will then roll in the direction you are pressing on your WASD keys or controller. If you hold back you will roll back, right you will roll right, left you will roll left, and forward you will roll forward! You can also do a jumping roll that is actually faster than running normally. To do this, you will want to jump forward then press block and jump in the air. You can do this repeatedly to continue moving quickly forward!
Attacking multiple times will eventually lead to an overhead type smash move that deals about 150 damage. This is largely where you can really hurt your opponent if you're in some kind of duel. So, make sure to try to land that swing if possible.
Lightsabers rip through walls and structures, so feel free to hack through everything with them.

How to Reflect & Deflect Damage With a Lightsaber

This isn't an exact science, but if your enemy continues to fire at you while they are at close range and you keep your aim right on them you will sometimes reflect a bit of damage back at them! It can be difficult to do, but it's worth it to get some damage in while you close in on your target. There's also a Star Wars based achievement to reflect damage and get an elimination. So, be sure to try this out to grab that perk as well as to get a sweet clip of you being a Jedi.

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